Crystal Infused Water Bottle - Wellness Bottle
Amethyst Amethyst is also referred to as the “Healer of all” and is considered to be one of themost effective crystals for healing people, plants and animals.Spiritual Benefits● Stimulates the third eye chakra● Calming and soothing Physical Benefits ● Helps...
Crystal Infused Water Bottle - Strength Bottle
Black Obsidian Black Obsidian is considered to be the best talisman of strength and self mastery, assistingin the control and management of one’s strong emotions and promotes physicalstrength. It is an enhancer of confidence and assertion, as well as a...
Crystal Infused Water Bottle - Purity Bottle
Sodalite Sodalite is also called the blue “logic stone.” or the “stone of truth” This crystal emits aneasy tranquil energy that clears the mind, elicits deep thought and dispels mentalconfusion. Spiritual Benefits ● Stimulates the throat chakra● Enables the conscious...
Crystal Infused Water Bottle - Love Bottle
Rose Quartz Rose Quartz is the crystal of unconditional love. It focuses on the attraction of love,peace, tenderness, compassion, healing, comfort and nourishment.Spiritual Benefits ● Stimulates the heart chakra● Attracts new love● Encourage romance and intimacy in relationship and bonds...
Crystal Infused Water Bottle - Happiness Bottle
Sun Stone Sun stone is known as the “Joyful stone” It is a restorer of enjoyment of life and goodnature. It also assists in the removal of connection from possessive loved ones, loversor anyone draining of your energies. Spiritual Benefits...
Crystal Infused Water Bottle - Balance Bottle
Red Jasper and other chakra balancing crystals Red Jasper brings physical strength, energy, stamina, focus and determination. Thiscrystal is a stone of protection and provides professional support for all jobs requiringphysical strength and stamina. This stone promotes sexual compatibility and...
Crystal Infused Water Bottle - Abundance Bottle
Citrine Citrine is the premier stone of manifestation, imagination, and personal will. It caries thepower of the sun, clears the mind and is also a promoter of solutions. This crystalencourages fullness of life, fresh beginnings, new pursuits, generosity and sharing...
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