She observed that there are so many people carrying around branded water bottles and many of them plastic. Knowing the power of intention, she visualized the limitless possibilities of creating bottles with powerful high frequency words engraved on them. Experienced in crystal healing, Priya considered that adding healing crystals that support those specific intentions, could create even greater positive effects. The crystals inspirit the water with natural healing vibrations, while the word engravings can provide enhancement to the molecular structure of the water consciousness.

Priya and her daughter Aria have hand engraved each bottle, cleansed and activated the crystals, before attuning them with crystal singing bowls and light filled energy channeled from the Divine. Our bottles have a removable base to interchange your crystals at any time, allowing you to use your original energi crystals or any of your own favorites without having to purchase a new base.Simply add filtered water to the bottle, set your intention and enjoy the benefits of the crystal activated water. Can also be used with tea and natural health beverages.


Aria de Lima
Executive Director